Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Dawn's Prelude" by Tracie Peterson

This is another one of those books that I randomly picked in the new fiction display of the library. I usually go off of the picture and description, which seems as of lately to be serving me quite well.

Dawn’s Prelude is an amazing mystery and love story all together. It is suspenseful and very hard to put down. I find these days that with the new romance books it is impossible to find one to read that does not have situations arise in it that I would deem unnecessary. This book did not have that problem. The story is set in Kansas City in the year 1870. The main character is a woman named Lydia Gray who has just been widowed. Her husband was a very cruel man, and her step-children all but the youngest (Evie) are also very mean and underhanded and have never accepted her as part of her family.

When her father and husband both die in the same carriage accident it leaves her situation with their wills very peculiar and makes her a target by her step-children who will stop at nothing to regain control over everything. She escapes them, only to be found later on with the risk of losing her life and others she now knows and cares about deeply.

Right down to the end Tracie Peterson keeps you hanging on to every word and wondering what could possibly happen next. This is a book that I will soon own, it has no bad language and no inappropriate sexual content. The historical information is accurate and very enjoyable. I have already been reading the next book in the series that starts out with a secondary character from this book as the main character. I am hooked! Luckily Tracie Peterson has written more than 80 books. Finally an author I enjoy completely and has numerous other books that I can read.

I give this book a full 10! It is a definite need to read book. I should finish reading the next one shortly also. If you would like to find more information on this author you can click here , If you would like some more information on just the book you can click here. Hope everyone enjoys this book and Happy Reading!

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